1 Orders are subject to 1.500 KD delivery charge if the order is less than 10 KD.
2 Our shipping Agent , will contact the customer when the delivery is on the way .
3 Incase the customers are unavailable during the delivery period, shipping agent will reschedule another delivery attempt.
4 If customer misses the 2nd delivery, Shipping company has the right to return the items to Miniso, and customer will be subject to additional 1.500KD charge when rescheduling delivery for 3rd time.

5 Purchased Product are delivered as soon as possible usually 2 working days unless stated otherwise.
6 Due to unforeseen circumstances deliveries may be delayed to more than the stated delivery periods.


Delivery Confirmation
Once the customer receive their order, our shipping agent will ask them to sign a paper acknowledging that they have received their package.