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Collecting Personal Information and its use

1. 1 When using our website and application you provide us with certain personal information, which we may collect, store and use for providing the Services and allowing us to better understand the Website users and improve our efficiency, layout, functionality of our webpage/ application.

1.2 Such Information includes your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, billing and credit/debit/charge card information, order history, feedback, about your visits to and use of . Additionally, other information such as IP address, geographical location, browser type, operating system, visit length, etc, are also collected and used to enhance your experience.

1. 3 Miniso can use the information provided by customer or obtained by us to analyze customer shopping preference. Thus allowing us to provide customer with relevant information such as ( new product, product in interest, offers etc). The data collected will help us enhance customer experience in our website / application

Telephone Calls

 2.1 All incoming/outgoing calls may be recording to verify the content and the quality of service provided by our representative.


3.1 To enhance customers' experience, Miniso May use cookies and new emerging technology to remember your information when visiting our website / application. The data collected is used to analyze trends, prepare report and monitor customer shopping experience.

3.2 By accepting Miniso’s Terms and Condition and privacy policy, you are willingly allowing Miniso to use cookies and other technologies.