Table Of Contents

Account Registration

  • When Customers sign up and create an Account, they are “Registered User”.  Customers must provide true and accurate information (including their name, date of birth, e-mail address, credit/debit card details and other details) as requested during the registration process;
  • Once Registration is Completed, Customers confirm that the information provided by them is true and accurate; and  are responsible on updating their personal information;
  • Registered Users are responsible for the confidentiality of their account, and for any activities occurred under their account.


  • Our Payment Gateway is powered by Myfatoorah.
  • We accept Knet, Visa, Mastercard and Cash on Delivery
  • For Cash on delivery, Cash is to be presented to our authorized agent prior to receiving the delivery.

Discount Coupons / Vouchers

  • Discount Coupons  and voucher distributed by Miniso, if any, are redeemable only at, unless stated otherwise.
  • Discount Coupons / voucher are valid from their date of issue until the mentioned expiry date.
  • Discount Coupons are to be applied prior to checkout.
  • Vouchers Discount coupons cannot be used more than once unless otherwise stated.

Contact Us

  • If you have any comments or queries related to our Terms and/or Privacy Policy, you can cotanct us on and/or by Whatsapp on the following numbers (55033284 / 55033294).

Return & Exchange

5.1  To return and/or exchange products, contact our customer service by email on or by whatsapp (55033284 / 55033294),  and please include:

  1. Email Subject:
  2. Your Name,
  3. Invoice number,
  4. product barcode,
  5. Your Phone number.

    Our agent will contact you and process a return notice for product pickup.

    • Products sold by Miniso is covered by Fifteen (15) days Return & Exchange with the present of original invoice.
    • Makeup, Perfume, Skin Care Product and Health care products cannot be returned or exchanged,
    • Product returned should be in good condition, saleable and merchantable.
    • IF Purchased item- because of their nature or the way they are packaged or wrapped- can never be reinstituted to the position as they were at the purchase date or can never be offered for sale to the general public, then we may have the right to reject their return or replacement unless for a manufacturing defect that was not apparent to you upon purchasing and unless you have been informed of and accepted such defect.
    • Delivery charge deducted from the total returned amount for Exhange and Refund.
    • Refunds are made in the same manner as Purchase made
    • Defective products due to manufacturing malfunction are returned free of charge. Customer should report malfunction within 3 days of product delivery.
    • Refunds made on Knet, MasterCard, and Visa may take up to 4-6 weeks.
    • Delivery charges are non-refundable
    • In the meantime, products purchased online cannot be returned / exchanged in our Stores.


    Exchange Policy:

    • To exchange an item(s), please contact us on or by Whatsapp (55033284 / 55033294).
    • As soon as your request is received, our agent will send our logistic partneragent to pick up the item(s) you want to exchange.
    • Once item has been received in our warehouses and checked, we will return the Amount after deducting Delivery charge.

    Meanwhile, you can order the item you want on our website.

    Please attach the original invoice with the items you want to exchange.

    Delivery Information

    • All orders are subject to 2 KD delivery charge.
    • Our Customer Service Agent will contact you to set delivery date.
    • Incase the customer is unavailable on delivery date, shipping agent will contact you and reschedule another delivery attempt.
    • If customer misses the 2nd delivery, the shipping company has the right to return the items to Miniso, and customer will be subject to additional 2 KD charge when rescheduling delivery for 3rd time.
    • Purchased Product are delivered as soon as possible usually 5 working days unless stated otherwise.
    • Due to unforeseen circumstances deliveries may be delayed to more than the stated delivery periods.
    • When customers receive their order, our shipping agent will ask them to sign a paper acknowledging that they have received their package.